Our Election At WCCUSD Is Coming Soon!


This week we received word from the Public Employment Relations Board. They have issued a decision that will move the campaign forward to an election. In a decision dated April 18, 2017, PERB says: “The unit identified by Teamsters is the established unit,” and “PERB hereby finds that Teamsters’ decertification petition identified the established unit. Accordingly, PERB will proceed with the processing of Teamsters’ decertification petition…”

This is huge! PERB knew that over 1,000 WCCUSD workers signed the petition to end the delays and most importantly they ruled on the side of truth and fairness. You deserve your right to vote and with this decision, your continued support and the resources of a Real Union, the election will soon be a reality.

Click here to read the decision.

Stay informed and stay united!

-Teamsters Organizing Committee