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UPS Teamsters Focus On Contract Enforcement As Saturday Delivery Creates 6,000 New Jobs


On Monday UPS officially announced its expanded drop-off schedule with Saturday deliveries, calling the change “one of the largest in the company’s 109-year history.” Weekend deliveries are expected to create 6,000 new UPS jobs by 2018, 4,000 of which will be created this year. Regional chairs and co-chairs of the Teamsters Package Division are working with locals to ensure that the National Master Agreement and all Supplements are being followed as new hiring takes place.

“The creation of 6,000 new jobs is certainly good news for UPS and good news for our members,” said Teamsters Package Division Director Sean O’Brien. “I have instructed representatives of our Division to coordinate with all of our locals to make sure that new hiring is being conducted in accordance with the Teamsters UPS contract. We will be working hard to ensure that these new jobs are adding to our UPS membership while also respecting the seniority rights of our current members at UPS.”

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