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Fighting Back Against Harassment at UPS


Harassment by management and supervisors is an ongoing problem at UPS hubs around the country. The best defense against harassment is to know the contract language that protects us and to use it – record, report and file grievances.

Harassment at UPS has taken many forms. It is typically a combination of discipline, threats and intimidation based on technology, 9.5 requests, retaliation for grievance filing and inadequate staffing.

There are several sections of the contract that may apply when a member is dealing with harassment from supervisors and management. In this guide, the sections are arranged numerically from lowest to highest, but it is important to look at all of the following contract sections when a member is being harassed:

Article 6 – protects members from discipline based on GPS and technology.

Article 12 – protects members from discipline for work performed by another employee using an electronic device in someone else’s name.

Article 37 – provides process and procedure for obtaining 9.5 protections; provides a way for the union to challenge inadequate staffing when there are unresolved 9.5 grievances; prohibits UPS from piling work on an employee on the 9.5 list during the last two days of the week; protects employees from retaliation for filing grievances.

The language that protects members from harassment is only effective when you use it. Be on the lookout for harassment and help your co-workers recognize it and file grievances so that we can stop it.

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