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Workers at DHL Subcontractor Vote to Join Teamsters Local 769 in Miami


On April 28, 2017, a unit of 108 drivers and mechanics at MDC, a subcontractor for DHL, voted to join Teamsters Local 769 in Miami. The vote was 75 to 30 in favor of Local 769 representation.

“We are proud to welcome these brave men and women into the Local 769 family,” said Mike Scott, President of Local 769. “They stood strong against an onslaught of anti-union attacks. This victory came on Workers Memorial Day. What a wonderful salute to the fallen workers we honored that day.”

“The workers are seeking fair pay–right now they receive a maximum of $15 per hour,” Scott said. “They also want fair treatment, seniority, and health care and retirement security.”

“It feels great–everyone is happy that we won,” said Francisco Pena, a driver at MDC for five years. “It was a stressful campaign. They were lying to us. They said if we won the election, then DHL was going to fire the IC (independent contractor MDC). But we remained strong and we had strong support from the dockworkers at DHL, who are Teamsters.”