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Workers at Two Petroleum Companies Join Local 25 in Boston


Fifteen workers at two different petroleum industry companies recently voted to join Teamsters Local 25 in Boston.

On February 27, 2017, six workers at Camin Cargo Control in Everett, Massachusetts voted decisively to join Local 25. On April 28, 2017 a group of nine workers at AmSpec Services, LLC, also in Everett, voted 6-0 to join Local 25. Camin is a leader in the petroleum cargo management industry and AmSpec analyzes and measures petroleum and petrochemical products.

“We are excited to welcome our newest members at Camin and AmSpec,” said Sean M. O’Brien, Local 25 President. “We continue to grow our membership in this industry and we will work hard to negotiate a contract that addresses their needs.”

The workers are seeking respect on the job, improved working conditions, fair treatment and a voice in the workplace.

“The leadership of Teamsters Local 25 showed our workers great respect from day one,” said Abdelkader Makhlouf, a worker at Camin Cargo. “The focus was always on what we wanted, how they could help us, what beng part of the union means, and how they would always be in our corner fighting for us. Even though we are just a group of six workers joining a family 11,000-plus strong, we know that our voices will matter and will always be heard.”