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Teamsters Fight On After Seattle Votes For Soda Tax


The Seattle City Council voted 7 to 1 yesterday to impose a soda tax on all beverages that contain sugar, despite the harm the tax will have on working families. Local 174 members, who deliver soda beverages throughout the city, had rallied and testified at City Council meetings in previous months against the tax. City officials had said that the tax would result in $15 million in additional funding for elementary schools and food assistance for families in need.

Philadelphia imposed a similar soda tax a few months ago which immediately resulted in layoffs of Teamster delivery drivers. However, according to research, the projected windfall of extra funding for Philadelphia schools has not materialized and the tax measure has wound up in court.

“Rest assured, our fight does not end here,” said Rick Hicks, President of Teamsters Joint Council 28, Seattle. 

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