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Stop the Lies


(WASHINGTON) – In a recent statement, a small dissident group, TDU, claimed that the General Executive Board is not holding quarterly meetings as required under the IBT Constitution and that General President Jim Hoffa has stated: “Past practice dictates that he’s not required to hold GEB meetings.” Both claims are demonstrably untrue.

Since taking office in 1999, the General Executive Board has held a minimum of four quarterly meetings each year as required by the IBT Constitution. In fact, the GEB often meets more than the required four meetings per year. For example, the GEB has held five meetings already in 2017 with a sixth and final meeting scheduled for early December. The five 2017 meetings held to date were on:

During the most recent meeting on August 9, 2017, one GEB member put forward a motion that the GEB hold quarterly meetings. General President Hoffa responded by advising him that the GEB does in fact hold quarterly meetings as required by the IBT Constitution and that the motion was unnecessary. At that time, General President Hoffa provided the board member with the dates of the five meetings that have already taken place in 2017. The board member did not respond. There was no vote on the motion as it was not seconded by another member of the GEB.

Our members are facing constant attack from anti-union, anti-worker politicians, greedy corporations and workplace management. It is more important than ever that we join together to stand up for each other and unite as never before.

Unfortunately, a small dissident group is intent on spreading lies, creating in-fighting and diverting attention away from the important challenges our members and our union face.

It’s time to stop the lies.