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Teamsters Local 63 Holds UPS Accountable for Classification Violation


Teamsters Local 63 in Covina, Calif. recently scored a major win against UPS’s violation of seniority at the Ontario Gateway Center, securing a $40,000 award for affected members.

In an attempt to limit overtime hours, UPS violated the collective bargaining agreement by circumventing the seniority of Local 63 trailer sweep combo members. The company used part-time hub members to perform excessive trailer sweep work. This work previously went to senior combo trailer sweep members. The work unit filed an “all affected” grievance on the violation. 

“The company’s action is unacceptable,” said Tim Fraley, a business agent with Local 63. “Our members have done this work, could have done this work, and should have been able to do this work.”

Fraley and Local 63 Union Steward Charles Smith brought the case before the National Grievance Committee in Minneapolis. The Committee ruled in favor of the union and awarded $40,000.00.

“I’m thankful that this panel recognized Local 63 combo members and held UPS accountable for this contract violation,” Fraley said.

“I’m excited to get a resolution in this case – not just the $40,000, but the ability to successfully use the grievance procedure against the company at this level,” Smith added.