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Local 104 Wins More Than $14,000 in Rewards for Subcontracting Grievances at UPS


UPS Teamsters in Phoenix scored a major victory against subcontracting at UPS with the settlement of 81 grievances filed against the company for violations during Amazon Prime week. All told, Local 104 secured $14,258.19 for 24 feeder drivers affected by the subcontracting.

During Amazon Prime Week, July 10-14, the company used its subsidiary, Coyote Logistics, to circumvent the feeder department and assign work that should have gone to Local 104 drivers, including 11 who were on layoff. The union filed grievances charging UPS with violations of Article 32 in the National Master Agreement as well as Section 27 of the Southwest Package Rider Agreement.

“This settlement is proof that when we work together we win,” said Karla Schumann, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 104. “I am very proud of our feeder drivers’ continuous efforts against the abuse of Coyote Logistics and the manipulation of our contract. Thanks to all our stewards and members for your continued vigilance and continue to keep up the fight.”   

The settlement means that Teamster feeder drivers will be paid for the hundreds of hours of work stolen from them during the week.

“This is an important victory for our feeder drivers because it shows we can use the grievance process to strike a blow against the company’s subcontracting abuses,” said Dustin Howell, Local 104 UPS feeder driver business agent. “I thank Stewards Tony Nuetzman, Maurice Nelson, JR Johnston, and Brian Pope for their hard work on these grievances.”