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Teamster Women Spur The Change We All Want To See


The third and final day of the 2017, Teamsters Women’s Conference wrapped up on Tuesday, in San Antonio, Texas with emotional and moving speeches on gender inequality and raising awareness on mental illness.

Clair Clarke, Assistant of Women Transport Workers’ & Equalities at the International Transport Federation (ITF), kicked off the final day’s opening remarks with an empowering address on gender inequality, equal pay, and the lack of rights women have in the workplace that is still very much prevalent today. Clarke expressed the critical role that activism plays in making a change, urging and challenging the crowd to stand up against injustice and inequality; to come together, advocate for their Teamsters sisters, and change the toxic culture that consumes so much of the workforce.

Following Clarke’s opening remarks, Dr. Melissa Talamantes, a Clinical Psychologist in San Antonio, Texas gave an eye-opening presentation on The Sandwich Generation.

Talamantes, explained the Sandwich Generation, as the generation of the moms and dads sandwiched between raising their children and taking care of their parents at the same time. And the burden of taking care of both older and younger generations (especially those who have a mental illness) is left to the person caught in the middle. She stressed the importance of knowing how and when to get the right help, and for others to be compassionate of their fellow Teamsters sisters.

One Teamster sister shared her impactful story about the hardships of mental illness and the struggles she endures daily. She expressed her gratitude to her Supervisor and the Teamsters for their support and continuing to stand by her. The room was touched, and her ability to show her strength through vulnerability was felt by all those in the room, as the crowd stood up in standing ovation.

The final day’s impactful stories, speeches, and presentations, summed up the three day conference that gave a new sense of motivation and determination to the Teamsters women. 

Spur to Change.