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Teamsters UPS and UPS Freight Screening Committees to Meet Sept. 25th


The UPS and UPS Freight Screening Committees are scheduled for September 25th and the Two-Person Review is scheduled for October 17th. Teamsters Package Division Director Denis Taylor, Co-Chair of the UPS National Negotiating Committee, will lead the meetings along with Kris Taylor who is Co-Chair of the UPS Freight National Negotiating Committee.


Proposal Process

Approximately one year out from the expiration of the UPS and UPS Freight contracts, the IBT requests all locals to gather proposals from the Union’s membership.  At the end of that 60 day time-frame the proposals are sorted by article, section and sub-section.  IBT staff then goes through the thousands of proposals to ensure that there are no duplicate proposals—for example, there does not need to be 100 proposals that UPS allows neatly trimmed beards, one will suffice.  These proposals are then put into binders for the National Negotiating Committee to review.  The NNC screens the proposals based on surveys and their day-to-day experience dealing with UPS on the shop floor as well as the various regional and national grievance committees.

The results of the screening are then reviewed at a meeting known as the Two-Person committee, comprised of two representatives from all UPS and UPS Freight local unions.  The results of that meeting become the Teamster’s initial bargaining proposals to be presented at the start of negotiations.