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ABF Members at Teamsters Local 667 Reach Milestone


In a big victory against “right to work for less,” 100 percent of the ABF Freight System bargaining unit members at the Memphis, Tennessee terminal have signed up as members of Teamsters Local 667.

“The last worker had been holding out but thanks to the efforts of his coworkers he is now a member, making the unit of about 90 drivers, dockworkers and office staff 100-percent Teamsters,” said James Jones III, President of Local 667 in Memphis. “I am proud of all our ABF Teamsters. This is a great feat in our union’s fight against ‘right to work for less.’”

The victory at ABF in Tennessee, a “right to work” state, comes as the workers prepare for negotiations for the ABF National Master Freight Agreement (NMFA) and regional supplemental agreements.

“By being 100 percent Teamsters, this gives all our ABF workers a stronger voice on the job,” Jones said. “With all the anti-worker, anti-union forces we are up against, we need to organize and build Teamster power.”

In the wake of the victory at ABF, Local 667 is launching a campaign to fully organize other work locations. The effort is called “The race to 100.”

“To many workers, the benefits of being members may not immediately be obvious, but we plan to educate our members about the importance of joining the union and building worker power,” Jones said. “This is all about fighting for a more secure future for our members and their families.”

“I am proud of my coworkers for all being united and strong here at ABF,” said Bob Watkins, chief steward. “Together, we can work as one group and have a stronger voice to address the issues that matter to all of us.”