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Supplemental Committees Meet to Exchange Contract Proposals with UPS


Earlier this week, members of the Teamsters UPS Upstate New York Supplement Committee met with the company to exchange proposals. This meeting comes two weeks after the Southern Region Supplement Committee met and exchanged proposals with UPS.

Over the course of the next two months, supplemental committees are meeting to begin the process of negotiating the 19 regional supplement agreements that are part of UPS contract negotiations.

In addition to exchanging proposals, these meetings include multi-day negotiations with the company. More meetings took place this week for Southern Region negotiations, TCI negotiations, Central Region negotiations, NorCal negotiations and Joint Council 28 negotiations.

More meetings scheduled to take place this month include: Southern Region negotiations (Oct. 23-27, 30-31); Central Region negotiations (Oct. 23-26); Local 623 negotiations (Oct. 26-27); and Western Region negotiations (Oct. 30-31).

The current National Master Agreement, which covers more than 250,000 UPS Teamster members, expires on July 31, 2018.

National negotiating committees for UPS and UPS Freight are at the very beginning stages of the bargaining process. After supplemental committees meet individually and peak season is over, national negotiations will begin in January.

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