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UPS and UPS Freight Supplemental Committees Continue Talks With Company


As the union prepares for UPS and UPS Freight national talks to begin in January, supplemental committees have been meeting over the course of the last two months to exchange proposals and engage in bargaining sessions with the company.

Out of the roughly 30 supplemental meetings held since October, common issues that have been raised by the company include flexible workweeks and the day after Thanksgiving holiday. Several more supplemental committees are scheduled to meet before the end of the year.

“The Package Division and the National Negotiating Committee are preparing for national negotiations and we are ready to bring many of the proposals we heard from members to the bargaining table next month,” said Denis Taylor, National Negotiating Committee Co-Chairman and Director of the Teamsters Package Division.

National negotiations for the UPS and UPS Freight contracts begin on January 22, 2018. Sessions for national negotiations have been scheduled through June. We will provide updates to local unions and members at the end of each weekly negotiating session.

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