Chiquita Fresh Workers Vote to Join Teamsters Local 630


On Wednesday, workers in the repack department at Chiquita Fresh voted unanimously in favor of joining Local 630. This victory means Teamsters now represent all workers at the company in Los Angeles.

Local 630 has represented drivers and warehouse workers at Chiquita Fresh for many years, but workers in the repack department were not included in the original bargaining unit. When the workers approached Local 630 and said they wanted the same respect and a strong voice on the job like the rest of their coworkers enjoy as Teamsters, the union held a march on the boss to demand recognition. After the company refused, Local 630 filed for an election and this week all four workers voted yes to join the union.

“I want to welcome our new brothers and sisters to the Teamster family at Local 630,” said Lou Villalvazo, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 630. “Our union is committed to building collective power among all workers industry-wide in Southern California.”