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Minnesota Teamsters Support Public Service Workers


Public service members in Minnesota are being honored by unions across the state in a new public media campaign called, “Building Better Lives Together”.  Maureen Perryman, a 911 dispatcher in Minneapolis, and a member of Local 320, is featured in the campaign. 

“We are proud to have Maureen represent the Teamsters,” said Brian Aldes, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 320. “Our public service members perform vital roles in keeping our communities safe and Maureen is a great role model for the 11,500 public service members we represent.”

“Maureen is very committed to her work,” Aldes said.  “As Maureen says in the video,” ‘Everyday I help Minnesotan’s through crises over the phone. Participating in my union helps me to have security on the job.'”

To view the video, please click here.