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Pipeline Stewards School And Officers Conference


Hundreds of representatives of local unions across the U.S. and Canada attended the opening day of the 6th Annual Pipeline Steward School and Officers Conference today.

Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President, opened the meeting, welcoming the union representatives, many having participated in the annual meeting since it began in 2012. “The pipeline industry is a success story,” Hoffa said. “There is so much work going on across the country its keeping our pipeline trainers busier than ever. I heard that we had over 560 people participate in a recent job fair. And, currently we have over 5,000 members working in the industry. They are good paying jobs and we want to make sure we fill them with Teamsters.”

Marion (Bubba) Davis, director of the Teamsters Building Material and Construction Trade Division, emphasized how the Pipeline Training Fund was planning on building a new and improved website that will assist members in locating and applying for pipeline construction jobs and how crucial training was to the industry.

“As President Hoffa stated, there is a lot of pipeline work,” Davis said. “Over the past year our instructors have held training courses on 175 days at sites all over the country. We bring training to where the jobs are. We are dedicated to making sure our members are well-trained and safe on the job. We want our members to be successful and to arrive home safe when the day is over.”

The program continued with presentations from the lead pipeline training instructors about the state of the industry and reports about how opportunities for work in pipeline construction jobs have increased in 2018 and will continue through at least 2019.

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