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Local 630 Workshop Helps Teamster Families Apply for Citizenship


On Saturday, Teamsters Local 630 in Los Angeles held a workshop to assist immigrant members and their families with citizenship applications. More than 50 Teamsters and family members applied for citizenship during the one-day workshop with the help of immigration attorneys and volunteers from Local 630 and the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund. 

“This is the third workshop we have put together for Teamster members in the last three years and we are proud to say we have helped about 300 members and their families achieve citizenship,” said Lou Villalvazo, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 630. “We are committed to helping our community, our members and their families secure the rights of citizenship, including the right to vote and engage in the political process. It’s about empowering workers and giving them a voice in our society.”

About ten immigration attorneys volunteered at the workshop on Saturday to help members with applications, along with dozens of additional volunteers from Local 630 and NALEO. 

Local 630 says the workshops are designed to serve the interest of all Teamster members by strengthening the collective rights and political power of immigrant and non-immigrant workers throughout the Los Angeles area.

“Given the current political climate and anti-immigrant agenda that is terrorizing so many communities in this country, these workshops are a crucial part of the resistance and the fight for the rights of all working families,” Villalvazo said.