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Teamsters Local 17 Wins $160,000 Settlement, Reinstatement for Sheriff’s Deputy


Teamsters Local 17 has won a $160,000 back-pay settlement and reinstatement for a sheriff’s deputy who was wrongfully terminated.

Thomas Ford, a Denver Deputy Sheriff, was involved in a workplace incident with an inmate who, as described in court documents, had become disruptive while unrestrained in the detention center. Ford was subsequently terminated.

Local 17 fought for the member who had a pristine nine-year record with the county and ensured that Ford had his day in court with a neutral judge.

The judge ruled that the city and county acted incorrectly when terminating him and awarded Ford $160,000 in back pay and benefits plus reinstatement to his position.

“I want to thank Local 17 for the excellent representation and protecting my livelihood,” Ford said. “As a Teamster, I feel secure in my job because I know the union will back me up when I get treated unfairly.”

“The Teamsters and Local 17 strive to make sure all workers, including our public servants and law enforcement officers, have fair workplaces,” said Duane Grove, Local 17 Secretary Treasurer.

For information on Teamster representation, contact Teamsters Local 17 at (303) 433-6496. www.teamsterslocal17.org