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Powering Forward in the Public Sector


With a focus on organizing, improving representation and defending collective bargaining, more than 200 Teamster leaders met at the Teamsters Public Services Division Conference on Tuesday in San Diego.

General President Hoffa opened the conference by discussing building Teamster power amid attacks on public employees. He also assailed those behind the Janus vs. AFSCME case currently before the Supreme Court and the effects it could potentially have on the union movement.

“What is Janus about? It’s about politics. It’s about people who hate unions.” Hoffa said. “But there is a new energy out there. The tide is turning. People have had enough.”

Hoffa met with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in March in Washington D.C. to discuss the threat that Janus poses to public employees across the nation.

Workshops at the Conference focused on building political power, organizing and identifying successful strategies during bargaining.

“Our members are focused on the values that unite all working people throughout America,” Division Director Michael Filler said. “We will stand together to maintain the right of working people to have a strong voice in the workplace. When we stand together, we stand strong!”