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FlexJet Takes Its Anti-Union Campaign to a New Low


(Richmond Heights, OH) A photo from a recent management sponsored anti-union meeting is circulating among pilots eligible to vote in the ongoing National Mediation Board conducted representation election at Flexjet. The photo shows Flexjet Vice President of Red Label Programs Rick Handschuch with his middle finger up as he posed in front of a pickup truck with pro-union messages.

“Managers giving union supporters ‘the finger’ is a disgrace to our profession and the company, but Teamsters members and eligible voters won’t be intimidated,” said Local 1108 President Efrem Vojta. “The solution is a victory in the election and a strong labor contract that guarantees professional respect and fair treatment. Keeping Flexjet unionized will restore the confidence of the aviation community and help us retain and recruit pilots who have the option of working for carriers where this type of behavior is unheard of.”

Flexjet management organized the May 9, 2018 meeting in Dallas, Texas to encourage Teamsters-represented pilots to vote against their union in the secret ballot election. Voting began on May 2 and ends on May 30. The company has engaged in a multi-year campaign against the union and its pilot supporters.
“We respect the rights of pilots to vote their conscience in the ongoing secret ballot election,” said Local 1108 Business Agent Laddie Hostalek. “However, we won’t stay silent when high ranking managers demean or try to intimidate our members. We will fight for the rights of all pilots against this management sponsored and third-party funded decertification campaign.”

The Vice President of Red Label Programs manages Flexjet’s dedicated crew-based fractional ownership program. Flexjet and Flight Options operate a fleet of business jets under the umbrella of aviation parent company One Sky Flight, LLC.

For more information, visit https://voteibt1108.org/