Stop Sexual Harassment at XPO Logistics!


With the support of TimesUp leaders, women workers are speaking out about systemic and pervasive sexual harassment at a XPO Logistics warehouse in Memphis. XPO Logistics is a $9 billion company that packages and distributes products for Verizon, Disney, Nike, Home Depot, and other major retailers across the world.

Supervisors aggressively grope and grab workers, make inappropriate comments, and retaliate against those who report being harassed. 

Numerous workers have brought charges against XPO Logistics —with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Ignoring these types of abuses can create substantial financial and reputational risk for the company and XPO Logistics shareholders. For the nearly 900 workers in the Memphis warehouse who are predominantly African American women, the risks are even worse. 

XPO’s management must:

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