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Safety and Health Improvements In UPS National Tentative Agreement


Under Article 14, Compensation Claims (On-the- Job Injuries/Medical Attention/Schedule)

  • Language has been added directing the company to make a reasonable effort to resolve on-the-job injury claims within 10 business days, and prohibiting retaliation against any employee who files a claim.
  • Language has been added prohibiting the company from interfering with any employee seeking medical attention.
  • In Section 2, language has been added for all non-feeder drivers allowing workers to request a work hardening schedule in which the employee can work their guaranteed hours for up to five days.

Under Article 16, Leave of Absence

  • In Section 7, the following language has been added: “When an employee is injured off the job, the Company shall use its best efforts to provide the employee with all necessary documents and reasonable assistance in order to assist with the processing of the employees’ disability claim.”

Under Article 18, Safety and Health Equipment, Accidents and Reports

  • In Section 1, the following language has been added: “The employer shall ensure conveyors passing overhead shall be guarded so as to prevent the material transported from falling and causing injury to employees below.”
  • In Section 2, the following has been added: “In cases where the electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (eDVIR)) and/or the electronic Car Condition Report (eCCR) system has been installed, drivers can view previous reports from any Feeder Data Terminal (FDT).”
  • In Section 3, the following has been added:

“Any pictures and/or video used from an accident for the purpose of educating the workforce shall exclude the identity of employee(s) involved in the accident. Such pictures and/or video shall only be used for accident prevention, and not to embarrass or denigrate any employee.”

  • In Section 6, regarding ventilation, language has been added to include temporary facilities, and it allows all employees (not just clerical) in this section to raise concerns with management.
  • In Section 8.1, the following has been added:

“If permitted by state and/or federal law, headsets, Bluetooth ear pieces, and earphones that are used in moving vehicles shall only cover one ear.”

  • In Section 9, the following has been added: “Any safety concerns regarding tires shall be referred to the local Safety and Health Committee for review.”
  • In Section 14, the following has been added:

“All new package cars shall be equipped with step tread plates on both the driver and passenger sides.”

  • In Section 15, the following has been added:

“All new step van package cars will be manufactured with a minimum of 44,000 BTU heaters. In extreme cold climates concerns over in cab conditions may be brought before the local Safety and Health Committee for review and resolution.”

  • In Section 21, language was added to improve the training and process involved with the handling of hazardous materials.
  • In new Section 24, the following has been added: “The Employee shall monitor conditions in and around all work areas including but not limited to sort aisles and areas where vehicles are loaded or unloaded to ensure that temporary impediments created by placed or fallen packages are minimized. The Employer shall not permit packages, materials, or equipment to be placed permanently or temporarily within the 28in wide exit access in front of an exit door or at the top or bottom of a stairway that is part of an exit access point.”
  • In new Section 26, the following has been added: “In facilities where video surveillance is maintained, the Employer shall post a sign identifying the presence of video surveillance where employees enter the facility.”


Under Article 20, Examination and Identification Fees

  • In Section 4, regarding disqualified driver—alternative work, this language has been added:

“The employee shall receive the appropriate rate of pay for the job performed based on his/her seniority.”

Under Article 35, Employee’s Bail, License, Substance and Alcohol Testing

  • In Sections 3.3 and 3.4, the list of substances has been revised and language has been added to protect employees’ rights, including the following: “On an initial drug test, the laboratory must report a result below the cutoff concentration as negative. If the result is at or above the cutoff concentration, the laboratory must conduct a confirmation test. On a confirmation drug test, the laboratory must report a result below the cutoff concentration as negative and a result at or above the cutoff concentration as confirmed positive.”

Under Article 44, Over 70-Pound Service Package Handling

  • In Section 1, smalls bags over 70 pounds discovered in the small sort will be split into two bags, and other language improvements are included to protect workers in the handling of over 70-pound packages. Also, over 70-pound language now includes Automotive Mechanics.

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