ABF Teamsters Ratify Contract


Teamsters employed at ABF Freight System, Inc. have won major gains in their newly ratified contract that covers approximately 8,500 drivers, dockworkers, mechanics and office workers.

The agreement consists of the national master portion as well as 27 regional supplements. The last outstanding supplement to the national contract was ratified in late July, which cleared the way for the national contract to take effect at the end of July.

The union won back a week of vacation that was previously given up under the last contract. The union also won wage increases, preservation of health and welfare funds, more protections against subcontracting and other improvements.

The union was also able to defeat several attempted company takeaways.

“The union held its ground and made it clear we would not accept concessions and that we needed to address our members’ priorities, both of which we were able to achieve,” said Ernie Soehl, Director of the Teamsters Freight Division.

“We got a lot of things back in this contract: the vacation, the pay increases and other gains, including the benefit contributions and protections against subcontracting,” said Paul Krenz, a city driver and 16-year ABF employee who is a steward and member of Local 120 in Minnesota.