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Following Hurricane Michael, Teamsters Answer the Call for Action


Following the devastation of Hurricane Michael, Teamsters formed a disaster relief labor coalition with the Florida AFL-CIO to provide assistance to residents of the Florida Panhandle. IBT Disaster Relief has taking the leading role in setting up the logistics for relief supply distribution in the region. The labor coalition set up distribution points at local schools and other locations, and trucks began driving into the affected communities today to locate residents and get them essential items that they need to get through the aftermath of the storm. Click here for photos.

David Renshaw is a business agent with Teamsters Local 769 and the Southern Region IBT Disaster Relief Coordinator. Renshaw has been on the ground in Northern Florida since shortly after FEMA declared the affected area a disaster zone.

“Looking at some of these buildings, it looks like a bomb went off,” Renshaw said. “The residential areas have rows and rows of devastation. We’re here doing everything we can to assist people with getting them to the next day.”

Some Teamster members who live in the Florida panhandle are still missing, and others have been left homeless following the devastating storm. Donate to Teamsters Disaster Relief today!