Port Truck Drivers and Warehouse Workers Strike at the Ports of LA in Long Beach


Port truck drivers and warehouse workers in Southern California at XPO Logistics and the NFI companies are going on strike and carrying out a series of escalating actions to expose an industry that has been exploiting them for years. XPO Logistics and NFI Industries are two multi-billion-dollar logistics giants serving some of the nation’s largest retailers like Amazon, Puma and Toyota. Wage theft, misclassification, racial discrimination, the improper use of temp workers and other shady labor practices are the hallmark of an industry at the gateway of the U.S. supply chain.  

Port truck drivers and warehouse workers are coming together to collectively denounce the illegal and exploitative practices that a mostly immigrant workforce faces and to highlight the growing crisis surrounding the cancellation of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS). 

This largely immigrant workforce is taking a stand in hopes of making their employers listen. Despite being incorrectly labeled as “independent contractors,” these striking workers know that they’re employees.

For Guillermo Rivera, an immigrant from Mexico and an XPO employee, this fight is personal.

“I’m going on strike because after years of being taken advantage of, I finally have the support of the Teamsters and the knowledge to fight back and defend my rights,” Rivera said.

Rivera will be participating in his first ever strike. He’s participated in a few worker delegations calling for better working conditions to no avail. “I’m on strike because apparently going inside the company’s office and talking to the manager is not enough. We need to make our voices heard and our situation needs to be resolved,” he said.