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Teamster Garage Ambassadors


City-owned parking garages in San Francisco are now more secure thanks to a newly introduced Teamster Garage Ambassador service.

Garage patrons at one of 19 city-owned parking facilities can request a safety ambassador to accompany them to their vehicles. The ambassadors report suspicious activity, deter car break-ins and make for a more personal, secure and stress-free parking experience for customers.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will provide the service for free to customers.

The program is the result of long-term thinking by Teamsters in Northern California. Teamsters Local 665 proactively approached the SFMTA a year and a half ago, and since then has worked with the agency to ensure that Teamster jobs are protected and members can continue to provide a valuable service for customers.

Local 665 represents about 1,400 members under a master contract for all city-owned and private parking garages and hotel parking garages in downtown San Francisco. This includes about 120 members working at city-owned garages.

The union is adapting to automation and changes due to the ‘gig economy.’ When automated kiosks were introduced to the garages, the union successfully worked with the city to create new jobs with different tasks for workers. For instance, cashiers who previously collected tickets and money instead collected money from the machines and performed maintenance.

“Our members do a tremendous job and we are pleased that the city recognizes their contributions and wants to maintain the human touch and customer service, while also incorporating technological advancements,” said Tony Delorio, Vice President of Local 665. “We are happy to adapt with the times, while also ensuring that the exceptional services our members provide are maintained.”