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Hoffa Statement On Fortune Magazine Calling XPO “World’s Most Admired Company”


The following is a statement by International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa on Fortune magazine naming XPO as “World’s Most Admired Company.”

“XPO Logistics being named a ‘World’s Most Admired Company’ is offensive to the dozens of women who have come forward with allegations against the company of pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment and the hundreds of port truck drivers employed by XPO who are suffering egregious wage theft.

“Even after the New York Times report, along with over 100 members of Congress and a number of national organizations calling on XPO to address these issues, the problems with the working conditions and culture still fester throughout the company and across the country. 

“XPO is not a model company to admire. There is nothing admirable about women losing their unborn children on the warehouse floor. There is nothing admirable about workers losing their life on the job because they were denied medical attention. There is nothing admirable about XPO employees working 14-16 hour days with little to no breaks. There is nothing admirable about illegally classifying workers as ‘independent contactors’ and stealing their wages.

“Fortune should take a closer look at the companies they choose to recognize. Just a little investigation into XPO would show a company that fails its workers when it comes to social responsibility.”

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