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Drivers at Sysco Near Miami Vote to Join Teamsters Local 769


(MIAMI) – Drivers at Sysco South Florida near Miami have voted to join Teamsters Local 769, the second organizing victory in less than three weeks at Sysco and the latest example of workers standing together nationwide at the company to demand fair treatment. 

The vote count was 100-25 in favor of joining the union and there are 132 drivers in the bargaining unit. Sysco South Florida workers chose Teamster representation because they want a fair, transparent pay system and a legally-binding contract that protects their wages, working conditions and seniority.  

“The company needs to stop messing with our pay, they have been cutting our pay left and right,” said Robert Anz, a driver and nine-year employee. “Joining the Teamsters feels great—we’re moving in the right direction to make the changes we need.”

“This victory continues the strong worker organizing momentum at Sysco in South Florida,” said Josh Zivalich, President of Local 769 in Miami. “Sysco workers are tired of the way Sysco is mistreating them and they are demanding change now.”

Steve Vairma, International Vice President and Warehouse Division Director, said Sysco workers across the country are standing together to fight for change. In late January, 116 Sygma Sysco workers in the Detroit area voted to become Teamsters.

“Rather than valuing its hardworking employees who make this company successful, Sysco continues to disrespect it employees, flagrantly violate the law when they seek union representation, and still demand that they work harder and faster,” Vairma said. “Like more than 1,000 workers across the country in recent months, Sysco South Florida workers are saying ‘enough is enough’ and standing together to take action.” 

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