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Teamsters Charge Jack Cooper Transport as a Labor Law Violator


The Teamsters National Automobile Transporters Industry Negotiating Committee (TNATINC) sent the following memo to local unions today after the committee filed unfair labor practice charges against Jack Cooper Transport:

Today, Monday, Feb. 4, 2019, managers for Jack Cooper Transport began contacting Local Unions individually by phone requesting relief from pension contributions. These benefits have been negotiated to conclusion under the current National Master Automobile Transporters Agreement (NMATA) and Supplemental agreements. A letter from T. Michael Riggs on this matter has also been sent by Jack Cooper Transport managers directly to our Carhaul membership in violation of law. Because this attempt to bypass the Local Union and the Teamsters National Automobile Transporters Industry Negotiating Committee (TNATINC) on this matter shows the bad faith of Jack Cooper Transport managers, TNATINC has filed unfair labor practice charges.

The TNATINC is outraged that Jack Cooper Transport would attempt to reach out to individual Local Unions and our Carhaul members to propose reductions to pension benefit contributions. Local Unions are directed by TNATINC to refuse any response to Jack Cooper Transport’s request for relief and refer any such matters to the TNATINC Co-Chairmen.