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Firefighters EMTs in Illinois Join Teamsters Local 525


A group of 10 firefighters/Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in Illinois have voted unanimously to join Teamsters Local 525.

The election was held by mail ballot and votes were counted on February 26. The vote was 8-0 in favor of Teamster representation. There are 10 workers in the bargaining unit.

The firefighters/EMTs work for Kurtz Ambulance Service in East Alton, Illinois. They all serve employees of Olin Brass, a large manufacturing plant in East Alton.

“We welcome these workers and we will work with them to negotiate a strong first contract that addresses their issues,” said Kevin Engelke, Secretary-Treasurer of Alton-based Local 525. “They perform an important job in our community and they deserve a secure future.”

“The workers turned to the Teamsters because they were receiving poor representation from another union,” said Brett Wessel, Local 525 Vice President and Business Agent. “They couldn’t reach their former business agent and they did not have a chance to vote on their last contract. As Teamsters, they will have a strong voice.”

Workers are also seeking fair pay and improved benefits, Wessel said.