XPO Driver Wins Grievance, Awarded Back Pay


In Trenton, N.J. drivers at an XPO Logistics facility voted to form their union and become Teamsters, but are still negotiating a contract. Now workers must rely on an interim grievance process with a company infamously known for breaking the law and mistreating workers. That didn’t stop one XPO driver, Bruce Ryan, from fighting for the holiday pay he never received.

In December 2018, XPO approved Ryan’s leave request over Christmas for two weeks, and he would return to work after the New Year. However, two days after Christmas, Ryan’s wife needed to have surgery and treatment that was more intense than they expected, so he called and explained to his managers the situation and requested additional time off which was granted. 

Ryan continued to call and update his mangers every day, and the managers continued to approve the extension on his leave. But, when Ryan received his paycheck he noticed that he didn’t receive holiday pay despite XPO approving the time. He addressed the issue with his manager who said that he, in fact, did put in for Ryan’s holiday pay and that XPO’s regional human resource (HR) manager also approved it. 

However, XPO’s head of HR denied Ryan’s request, leaving him without any of his holiday pay. That’s when he decided to call a Teamster business agent and file a grievance against XPO. A week later the decision came down in his favor, and awarded Ryan with back pay.

“I am proof that unions work. And unions protect workers,” Ryan said.