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YRCW Bargaining Update For March 15, 2019


Bargaining resumed this week for a new NMFA applicable to YRC Freight, Holland, and New Penn. The current agreement is set to expire on March 31.

Detailed economic proposals dominated the discussions but the parties ended the week without a consensus about what the long-term wage and benefit package needs to be to retain and attract drivers, dockworkers and other employees with the three companies.

Co-chairman Ernie Soehl stated: “The union believes the pool of available money needs to expand if we are to conclude these talks on time. We’ve offered significant operational improvements to grow each company in the expanding e-commerce world and addressed inefficiencies that hinder the growth of each company. We believe those changes are being undervalued by the companies.”

The union is very disappointed in the companies’ positions but the parties are scheduled to resume talks next week.

Soehl continued, “We knew these discussions would be tough and they most certainly are. If we are ultimately to reach a new tentative agreement this month, however, the companies will need to acknowledge what it takes to hire and retain top-notch drivers and other high-quality workers which are still in short supply. After several sessions of vigorous debate between each side’s accountants and economists armed with information this week, we acknowledge the companies continue to face financial challenges in the cut-throat LTL marketplace. But our members too have faced significant economic hardship after a decade of givebacks and are not interested in treading water monetarily, seeing changes to their health care, or erosion of standards.”

All members should continue to perform their jobs, work hard and be the professionals that they are. TNFINC will continue to provide updates as we work toward a settlement before the end of the month.

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