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Episode 176: These Women Work!



Listen to the latest edition of the Teamster Nation Podcast and learn how Local 237 in New York City used an event honoring former staffer and journalist Marie Colvin to also pay tribute to three school safety agents who stood up for fair pay for themselves and their colleagues. Plus, the Teamsters create an apprenticeship program to produce more truckers. 


Features audio from New York Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul; Local 237 President Greg Floyd; Destiny Andrews, daughter of late lawsuit plaintiff Corinthian Andrews; school safety agent Denise McIntosh; school safety agent Kangela Moore; school safety agent Latasha Ellis; school safety agent Yvonne L. Clarke; Cat Colvin, sister of Marie Colvin; Teamster Safety and Health Department Director Lamont Byrd; Local 957 member James Mullen; Local 776 business agent Dave Wolf; Local 957 member Lindsay Mandelik; Local 957 member Gregory Allen.