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Workers at Durham School Services in Everett, Wash. Join Teamsters Local 38


(EVERETT, Wash.) – On Friday, drivers at Durham School Services in Everett, Wash. voted by more than a three-to-one margin to join Teamsters Local 38. The 127 workers are part of a growing movement of drivers and monitors who are organizing with the union because of the representation and benefits that come with a Teamster contract.

“The solidarity that Durham drivers maintained from start to finish in this organizing campaign is something to be very proud of,” Local 38 Secretary-Treasurer Steven Chandler said. “Local 38 and the Durham drivers worked countless hours to ensure that our organizing plan worked. Our efforts paid off for the betterment of these new Teamsters.”

Durham driver Dan Jones is a member of the organizing committee at the Everett school bus yard. He worked very closely with Local 38 Business Agent and Organizer Mike Raughter, along with many others, to ensure that the campaign was a success.

“I am proud of my fellow co-workers and the results of this election,” Jones said. “This wasn’t just a ‘yes,’ this was a resounding yes! This is the way we want to move forward with Local 38.”

“This Durham organizing campaign was driven by the commitment and perseverance of the committee,” Raughter said. “They want a voice in their workplace for themselves and their co-workers, and they delivered that message overwhelmingly. I couldn’t be more happy for our new Teamster sisters and brothers”. 

Teamsters Local 38 represents workers in a wide variety of industries throughout Snohomish County, Washington.