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Teamsters Local 662 Member Reaches 3-Million-Mile Safety Record


Richard Dain, a member of Teamsters Local 662 in Mosinee, Wisconsin, has achieved a tremendous safety milestone as a driver at Holland.

Dain, a 36-year professional driver who has worked at Holland for 28 years, has driven 3.3 million miles without a single, preventable accident. He’s one of 35 active Holland drivers who have achieved this incredible safety milestone.

To put that into perspective, that is over 116 times circumventing the earth at the equator or six round trips to the moon.

Dain was recognized by the company, his co-workers, Teamsters Union 662 President John Kaiser, representatives from the Wisconsin State Patrol and of course his love family eariler this year after traveling all night in almost blizzard conditions.

Amazingly, Richard is following in his father Delmar’s footsteps, running the same bid as his dad did at Holland until his retirement in 2002. Richard has been the Chief Line Haul Steward for over 20 years and serves on the Holland Safety Committee. He also served on the previous Local 563 Union Executive Board and is highly respected among his peers and fellow Teamsters.

“Richard is another shining example of Teamster professionalism and know-how,” Kaiser said. “We believe he is a top gun of drivers and wish him many more safe years of excellence.”

Dain, 54, said the key to his success if paying attention to his surroundings and driving defensively.

“I’m always looking down the road,” he said. “You always need to leave yourself and out.”

For much of his career, Dain drove from Appleton, Wisconsin through Chicago and Milwaukee twice a night.

“It’s a good feeling being a Teamster,” Dain said of his years working at Holland.