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Teamsters Standing Strong One Year After Anti-Worker ‘Janus’ Ruling


(WASHINGTON) – One year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with anti-union lawyers and billionaires in the contentious “Janus v. AFSCME” case, an attempt to undercut the ability of public sector workers to join together and negotiate for better pay and benefits on the job. But instead of gutting the union movement, the decision has only served to revitalize it.

By redoubling their efforts to connect with workers in the wake of the high court ruling, the Teamsters have more public employee members today than it had before the Janus decision was handed down. And other unions are reporting similar success stories.

“While we still believe the Supreme Court incorrectly ruled in the case and it should be overturned immediately, the Teamsters are proud of how our local unions have responded,” Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said. “Members understand the value of strong unions like the Teamsters in their fight for better pay and safer workplaces.”

“Teamster members understand that when we stand together in our union, we have the power to win fair pay and benefits, and create good jobs in our communities,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Teamsters Public Services Director. “That’s why we are standing strong in the face of all these efforts to weaken and divide working people.

“Because my coworkers and I stand together in our union, we have the power to advocate for one another at our employer,” said Bianca Jones, Assistant Housing Manager for the New York City Housing Authority and Teamsters Local 237 member. “The more you get involved with your union, the more you understand what value it brings to the workplace. I’m proud to be a Teamster!”

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