Organizing RoundUp

Local 449


STA drivers and monitors who provide student transportation for the Royalton-Hartland School District (often referred to as “Roy-Hart”) have voted to join Local 449. Over 95 percent of workers at the yard participated in the election.

“We are thrilled that Roy-Hart drivers and monitors have decided to join the growing movement of workers at STA seeking to drive up pay and benefits by organizing their union with the Teamsters,” said George Harrigan, Local 449 Secretary-Treasurer.

K. Charles Branch and Lanesia Scalise are drivers at the STA Roy-Hart yard.

“I voted yes because I know that a union can give us a chance to negotiate for higher wages, more days off and better working conditions – most importantly, in writing,” Branch said.

“I support the Teamsters because I’m tired of favoritism; we also should be paid more for the responsibility that we have,” Scalise said.


Local 179

Illinois Central

School bus drivers and monitors at Illinois Central in Kankakee, Ill. voted to join Local 179 recently. There are 90 workers in the unit.

“At Local 179 we represent more than 1,000 bus drivers, including drivers at the Wilmington and Coal City Illinois Central locations,” said Tony Seminary, Local 179 organizer and business agent. “We are excited to have another Illinois Central yard on board with us and look forward to securing them a strong first contract.”

Driver Llora Kranich and her fellow workers at the Kankakee yard wanted to secure a strong union to represent their interests and help address on-the-job issues like wages, favoritism and job security.

“We worked hard to bring this victory home and I’m so thrilled that now we’ll have a chance to negotiate our first contract,” Kranich said. “Thousands of school bus drivers throughout Illinois are better off because of their Teamsters membership, and soon we will be too.”


Local 299

Republic National Distributing

Driver helpers with Republic National Distributing Company, a wholesale beverage distributor specializing in wine and spirits, voted unanimously to join Local 299 in Detroit recently.

The 19 driver helpers work out of Republic National’s Brownstown, Mich., location. They join 98 drivers at the facility who were already Teamster members.

“These workers stuck together. They were determined to unite as Teamsters, and we are honored to welcome them as members of Local 299,” said Kevin Moore, President of Local 299.

“Before the driver helpers even joined the union, we fought all the way at a hearing in front of the labor board to ensure that they would be included with the existing bargaining unit, and the board agreed,” said Greg Nowak, President of Joint Council 43 and Director of the Teamsters Brewery and Soft Drink Conference. “The driver helpers and drivers work hard together as a team, and now have the strength of unity.”

The driver helpers are seeking to improve wages and gain affordable health care and fair treatment on the job.


Local 215

American Red Cross

Mobile collection staff with the American Red Cross in Evansville, Ind., have voted unanimously to join Local 215. There are 16 workers in the bargaining unit.

By joining the Teamsters, the new members are now covered under the Teamsters national agreement at American Red Cross.

“This group is extremely enthused,” said Chuck Whobrey, President of Local 215. “We’re happy to welcome them to the Teamsters.”


Local 633

First Student

First Student bus drivers at the North Hampton, N.H. facility voted overwhelmingly to be represented by Local 633. The workers provide student transportation services to the New Hampshire seacoast.

Business Agent Keith Judge and Field Representative Roger Travers successfully organized the yard under the direction and support of Local 633 Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Padellaro.

“It was a team effort by all involved; we welcome our brothers and sisters at this location into the Teamsters’ family and we look forward to negotiating a strong contract for our newest members,” Padellaro said. “I am proud to announce that First Student is wall-to-wall Teamsters throughout the state of New Hampshire. I want to thank Keith Judge, Roger Travers, and Shawn Gilman for their efforts in organizing this location. I would also be remiss if I did not recognize the efforts of the Local 633 shop stewards and members who contributed their time and effort to this great organizing victory. Member-to-member organizing is the most effective tool we have.”