XPO Workers in Aurora, IL Fight Back and Win


At XPO in Aurora, Illinois, we are protecting ourselves and our families by organizing with the Teamsters even though our contract isn’t yet completed.

XPO unilaterally changed our spotter job in the yard and began assigning the unorganized dock workers to the spotter duties at our terminal, spotter work which was historically done by drivers. The company’s actions violated our right as organized workers to not be penalized for organizing, not to change our working conditions and not negotiating with our union before changing policy. We earned these rights once we organized and elected the Teamsters as our representatives.  

These rights protect us even while we are negotiating our contract with XPO.

The result was that the spotter work would be returned to the drivers to perform just like they performed previously. Also, the drivers who were adversely affected by not being given the opportunity to perform that spotter work were compensated for their lost wages by being paid some $25,000 in back pay.

That is just one story of many where XPO breaks the law and we are able to hold management accountable to us, the workers, because we have unionized and we exercise our federal rights to make XPO follow the law. 

That certainly is not the case for those locations that have not organized. XPO management can do what they want to you, when they want, and there is little you can do about it without organizing into your union. We know it is happening but without you standing up and telling us, and holding XPO’s feet to the fire to follow the law, you are at their will; yes, an at-will-employee. 

XPO has made changes to you, your coworkers and to your working life that you had no say-so in. Why would you let XPO take advantage of you and take food, benefits, time and money from your family members’ mouths?  Stand up, be proud and let’s all gain a say-so at XPO!

We Want To Talk To You

We have already begun the process of protecting ourselves, our coworkers and our families by organizing our union with the Teamsters even though our contract isn’t completed yet.  XPO unilaterally changed some of our road runs and subcontracted those runs through purchase transportation. These were long standing runs that we had performed without fail. We recognized this action by XPO as a breech of our rights and filed charges through our union and the National Labor Relations Board.

The result was that the outsourced runs were returned to our drivers to perform, just like before and lost wages amounting to some $10,000 were paid to the affected drivers who lost income from the change in the runs. 

This is what can happen when we unionize, even though our contract isn’t done being negotiated. We have new rights and a process to hold XPO accountable to us, just as it holds us accountable to do our work properly. 

Why don’t you join us and stand up and gain a voice at XPO. Without a seat at the table, you are on the menu.