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A Message from Bill Hamilton, Director, Teamsters Express Division


As we all know, with the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) we find ourselves in very difficult and unprecedented times. I hope all of you are safe and I urge you to monitor and follow the necessary safety and health practices recommend by the CDC and various state and local government authorities. The situation is developing rapidly and we need to stay on top of things.

I would like to thank our members at AEI and DHL who are stepping up and making sure that necessary medicine, medical and safety equipment, and other critical goods, are transported and delivered. Express Division members are a critical component in making sure that we all get through this crisis. I am truly proud of the work that you are doing.

I have been in frequent contact with officials at both AEI and DHL Express. We have arrived at various understandings that are designed to provide safety and support for those employees impacted by COVID-19. Attendance policies are being relaxed so that people who are directly impacted by the virus should not disciplined. Likewise, paid leave provisions are being relaxed and enhanced in order to help alleviate the economic hardship on people who must miss work as a result of COVID-19. I will continue to discuss these issues with the companies as things develop. Furthermore, because each location is unique, many of these issues are being addressed on the local level as well. Employees should contact their Local Unions if they have any questions.

The top priority through all of this is keeping our members and the public as safe as possible. I have urged the companies to be flexible and reasonable. However, if a situation arises that presents a hazard, employees should avoid it to the extent possible and contact their supervisor and Local Union immediately.

Please remember that even small actions count and can make a significant difference. Make sure you are maintaining proper social distancing, frequently washing/sanitizing your hands and sanitizing your work area, be it in an office or in a vehicle. Please call your medical provider immediately if you feel sick or have flu-like symptoms. Finally, if you have ideas for minimizing the risk of the spread of this virus in your specific workplace, please share them with your supervisor and Local Union immediately.

We are all in this together.

Thank you and stay safe.