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Newspaper, Magazine Conference Update


Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic Media Conference Update from Joe Molinero, Director:

Since our last directors conference call on March 19, 2020, the Newspaper Conference has had very few issues with the locals and members of the Conference.  Amazingly, I have not heard of any layoffs with our approximately 6,000 members and more importantly; I have not received a report of any member or any of the thousands of independent contractors that they work closely with, in getting the newspapers out across the country or coming down with the Covid-19 virus.

However, all that can change in an instant of they don’t practice the necessary guidelines and precautionary measures that the IBT, government and employers put out on a daily basis.

Newspaper Representative Doug Nowakowski, who I keep in close contact with, is keeping in touch with various newspaper locals around the country and reports that so far things are ok.

In closing, I advise all of our officers and the 1.3 million members to also practice the guidelines put out there for our safety and we will get through this.