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Update for Tankhaul Teamsters


Employment in the tankhaul industry has been steady for Teamster members during the COVID-19 national emergency.

“These highly skilled Teamsters in the Tankhaul Division continue to transport essential liquids and gases, even in the midst of a pandemic,” said Keith Gleason, Tankhaul Division Director and President of Local 627 in Peoria, Ill.

“We are still working with employers to ensure proper protocols with respect to PPE and our members have been taken care of so far. If proper safety protocols are not being followed in your workplace, contact your steward or your local union,” Gleason said. “Tankhaul jobs have always been difficult and dangerous. Know that the Teamsters Tankhaul Division is doing all we can to make sure you are working safe during difficult times.”

In the gas industry, Teamsters are still manufacturing various medical gases—particularly oxygen—and making sure that medical facilities are supplied. Gasoline and diesel delivery driver jobs are still holding steady and have been deemed essential.

The Tankhaul Division continues to monitor developments in the industry during this national emergency.