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Update from the Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division


Press Contact: Galen Munroe Phone: (202) 439-7427 Email: gmunroe@teamster.org

The following is an update from Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division Director Tom O’Donnell on the current state of the division and the efforts by the union to help its members through this difficult time:

On or around March 13, 2020, the Motion Picture & Theatrical industries shut down all across North America. We are now in the seventh week post-shutdown, and employment is still at or near zero. This is the Teamsters response, for then, for now, and for tomorrow.

I have spoken to President Hoffa about the criticality of including state & local aid in the next stimulus package. Not only in the health of state film tax credits, but the film commissions and other agencies that promote and facilitate filmmaking and entertainment.

Key states that we’ve identified are:

Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas. I did not include Kentucky due to the ongong political challenges we face with its elected leadership.

I want to recognize Steve Dayan, Principal Officer of Local 399 in Hollywood, he’s been a great partner and resource for the division.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to sunnier days ahead. Be well, be safe.