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Hertz employees at LAX hub servicing cars, Industrial Trades division

Union Has Dedicated Page for Hertz Bankruptcy News

The Teamsters Union has started a page on their website specifically for Hertz Teamsters as the company works its way through bankruptcy. It can be found here: www.teamster.org/hertz-bankruptcy

“The Hertz bankruptcy is affecting the lives of thousands of Teamsters and their families, and the union has been working nonstop on behalf of those members,” said Bob Lennox, Western Region Industrial Trades Director and Secretary-Treasurer of Local 495 in West Covina, Calif. “Hertz Teamsters should check this page often for the latest information on the bankruptcy and what their union is doing about it.”

In the meantime, Hertz is in negotiations with some locals regarding current expired contracts. Most of them are being worked out on a one-year extension basis.

“We are working closely with locals who have Hertz members to make sure the union and our members are standing together for fair treatment during this bankruptcy,” said Steve Mack, Director of the Teamsters Industrial Trades Division.