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Teamsters Port Division Applauds L.A. Mayor and Port on PPE Order


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced that Gene Seroka, Director of the Port of LA, contacted port trucking companies and required them to adopt proper public health protocols, including providing all essential workers with adequate PPE. Click here to watch the video announcement. 

This is an important step to making sure that port trucking companies provide their drivers will the full protections outlined in the Mayor’s emergency COVID-19 orders. These orders include requirements for companies to:

· Provide face coverings for drivers (at company’s expense);

· Permit drivers to wash hands or use hand sanitizer every 30 minutes;

· Ensure that drivers have access to clean, sanitary restrooms, stocked with all necessary cleansing products or sanitizing agents required to observe hand sanitation protocols, provided at the company’s expense; and

· Provide up to 80 hours of COVID-19 supplemental leave if employing either: (i) 500 or more employees within the City of Los Angeles; or (ii) 2,000 or more employees within the United States.

The Teamsters Port Division is appreciative of the leadership of the mayor and the important step the Port is taking to protect drivers. 

It’s critical that trucking companies provide these protections. Misclassified workers are at particular risk, working without company-provided health insurance. These PPE requirements must be heeded for safe and secure working conditions for all port truck drivers.