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Toledo Teamsters Ratify New Contract with Coca Cola


Members of Teamsters Local 20 in Toledo, Ohio, have ratified a new contract with Coca Cola Consolidated, a distribution facility, ending a weeks-long strike that began Nov. 2.  All 100 workers, which handle the distribution and warehousing of Coca Cola products, participated in the strike.

The company had proposed a higher co-pay for health care and the union was able to negotiate improved wages to offset the cost increase. Additionally, the contract includes a new classification for transport allowing workers to pick up products from other locations in the state.

The local union stood with the workers in order to gain the new contract, noting that workers, despite the pandemic, had continued to work.

Mark Schmiehausen, President of Local 20, said “These workers are essential and they have been working during the entire pandemic. We were proud to stand with our members in this fight.”

(photo credit: Toledo Blade)