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UPS Teamster’s Son Continues the Fight to Help Workers


The son of a UPS Teamster says his father’s example as a union leader and head of Local 373 has led him to continue fighting for “the little guy.”

Zachary Fox, son of Stacy Fox, President of Local 373 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, said his father’s many years of service fighting for workers has inspired him.

“I grew up the son of a Teamster President,” Zachary Fox said. “My dad drove a UPS package car for 19 years, was a steward for many of those years, and has been the president of Local 373 for 16 years.

“I’ve watched my dad devote a lifetime to fighting for people who weren’t in a position to fight for themselves,” Zachary said. “It was his union benefits and pay that allowed me to go to law school. More importantly, it was his devotion to a just cause that inspired me to fight for the little guy.”

Zachary graduates from law school on May 15 and will take the Arkansas bar exam in July. He will work for the James Law Firm in Little Rock to fight for the rights of workers, practicing employment law and criminal defense.

“I am so proud of my son and the legal path he is planning to pursue,” Stacy Fox said. “I am also grateful for the Teamsters Union for giving me the opportunities I have had, so that my son had a great education.”