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Episode 214: Exceeding Expectations at XPO


Listen to the latest edition of the Teamsters Podcast and hear how XPO workers in Florida and New Jersey approved first contracts with the company; Marathon Oil and Local 120 agree to new deal after strike; and combating the growing problem of excessive heat in the workplace.

Featuring audio and interviews with Local 769 member and XPO driver Mike Zangrillo; Local 701 member and XPO driver Bruce Ryan; Greg Chockley, National Campaign Coordinator, Teamsters’ Organizing Department; Dean Benson, Marathon refinery worker and Local 120 chief union steward; Ryan Bierman, Marathon refinery worker and Local 120 steward; Scott Kroona, Local 120 Business Agent; Grant Bendix, Local 120 Business Agent; and Enjoli Degrasse, Deputy Director, Teamsters’ Safety & Health Department