30th Convention a Success

Pre-Convention photos 6.21.21

A Message from James P. Hoffa

When Teamsters get together—even virtually—amazing things happen. That was evident throughout the 30th International Convention of the Teamsters Union, which took place online in June.

Thousands of delegates and guests met under extraordinary circumstances to reflect on our successes and plan for our union’s future. While this was a Convention like no other, delegates still completed the business of our great union.

At the 29th Convention in 2016, we set several lofty goals. Five years ago, we vowed to save pensions. We kept that promise.

We promised to organize the unorganized and we did it. Hundreds of thousands of workers have joined the Teamsters in the last decade.

We promised to strengthen our union’s finances and our political reach. We kept those promises.

At the Convention, we heard from some amazing guest speakers and performers, and celebrated the unity of the Teamster family. We also talked about the challenges facing our union, including right-to-work legislation, misclassification of workers and bad employers like Amazon.

I was honored to chair my final Convention as the General President of the Teamsters and was humbled to be made General President Emeritus alongside my father.

The Teamsters Union is ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the next five years. Through our unity, we can overcome any challenge.