Workers in California Who Make Starbucks Coffee Products Vote to Join Teamsters Local 186


A group of 50 bottlers and sanitation workers at a Dairy Farmers of America plant in Ventura, California, who make Starbucks premade coffee products sold in retail stores, have voted to join Teamsters Local 186 in Ventura.

Workers voted 33 to 4 to form their union. Voting took place through the mail, and ballots were counted September 7.

“The company recently modernized the plant and laid off half of the workers,” said Abel Garcia, Local 186 Secretary-Treasurer. “Since it reopened, the company increased hours to 12 hours a day, six days a week, three shifts a day. So, there is a big concern about excessive work hours. Trying to get days off was like pulling teeth.”

Local 186 was able to secure a neutrality agreement.

“We look forward to addressing the workers’ concerns about excessive hours and more time off in a first contract,” Garcia said.